Medical Massage CEU Course #10

    Science of massage and energy work, Physiological effect of massage, Pathologies and energy work, Spinal mobilization and energy work.

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    Florida approval Code: 20-137737 Credits Hours:12

    If you want to understand the real physiological effect of massage on the human body and would like to incorporate energy work into your treatments as well as to be able to protect your own energy status from being influenced by the negative energy of your client, this lesson covers the above mentioned topics and much more.

    Throught the lesson, Boris performs a clear step by step hands on demonstration and provides you with detailed explanation on all presented topics. All protocols introduce in simple straightforward manner that allowed to practitioners to quickly learn and implement learned protocols on clients.

    Learning Objectives

    To allow a participant to learn theoretical aspects of all described techniques as well as hands-on performances to the level of immediate implementation on clients.

    For the best results, please read the literature, take notes and watch the video material carefully. We suggest you observe the hands-on demonstration at least three times as the detailed explanation will allow you to learn the material to the extent of successfully implementing these techniques to pass the test.

    The test is the multiple choice questionnaire. Please note, that detailed explanations within the video as well as the support materials actually contain answers to the test questions. Watch the videos at your leisure, practice your new skills with friends or clients. There is no limit of times to retake the test.

    Upon successful completion of the course, we will notify the State Board of Massage Therapy of your completed hours.

    Course Procedure

    1. Enroll in the course.
    2. View the course content.
    3. Take the test. (You must score 70% to pass. If you do not pass, you may retake the test.)
    4. Apply methods learned in this lesson on three clients/subjects. Each client/subject should fill out an evaluation form. To download Evaluation Form click here.
    5. Student should fill out a course evaluation form. To download a course evaluation form please click here
    6. Scan all forms and email them to
    7. Wait for a response email from
    8. Print your certificate of completion. To do that hover your mouse over the course title as in the sample picture below and see the course overview form popup. Then click Print Certificate button.

      Please be aware you must email client and course evaluation forms. Otherwise your CEU credit would not be valid and reported to boards.

    Course Content

    Disclaimer InstructionalVideo
    Palpation as Part of the Diagnostic ProcedureVideo
    Massage Techniques Video
    Energy Work 10.6 CorrectedVideo
    Pathology and Energy Work 10.7Video
    Phenomenon of Pieso-ElectricityVideo
    Placebo and Energy WorkVideo
    Treating the Pathology and Energy WorkVideo
    Course Based on instructional Volume #10 TestTest
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